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March 2013

AOTrauma supports DO-HEALTH

On March 19th AOTrauma confirms funding of the DO-HEALTH-fracture healing study as an ancillary study to the DO-HEALTH clinical trial. AOTrauma funds the first 3 of 5 years of this project. Click here for more information

November 2014: we celebrate 100% recruitment!!

News: On November 28th, the last DO-HEALTH senior entered DO-HEALTH — now 2157 DO-HEALTH seniors participate in DO-HEALTH All 2157 participation slots are taken at the Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Innsbruck, Toulouse,  Berlin and Coimbra site since November 28th 2014.   We congratulate the DO-HEALTH teams           …

DO-HEALTH 1 year Update

Click here to see DO-HEALTH investigators talk about DO-HEALTH on the first Annual Partner Meeting on February 25th 2013 at the University of Zurich We thank the DO-HEALTH impact partner IOF for putting together this interview with DO-HEALTH partners.

Annual Partner Meeting 2013

On February 25th 2013 the first annual DO-HEALTH partner meeting was held at the University of Zurich – Congress Forum Waid City Hospital.  Key partners of DO-HEALTH attended this meeting to discuss the progress of DO-HEALTH. From left to right — front: Jerra Stemmle (Study MD, Recruitment Centre, University of Zurich), …