DO-HEALTH – A study to support healthy Aging

Vitamin D3 – Omega3 – Home Exercise – Healthy Ageing and Longevity Trial

Have you fallen in the last 12 months?

Are you 70 years or older, mobile and living independently at home?

If so, we invite you to participate in a clinical study with Vitamin D3 and Omega 3-fatty acid supplements (marine algae) and a home exercise program.

Our aim is to investigate the role of these simple strategies in the prevention of chronic disease at older age. In particular, we are interested in the prevention of fractures and falls, functional decline, high blood pressure, cognitive decline and pain from osteoarthritis.

The study will take place at the Universities in Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Toulouse, Innsbruck, Coimbra, and Berlin. The study duration will be 3 years and during the study we will ask you to attend 4 full-day clinical visits in our study centre (one per year) and we will call you by phone for a 30-minute interview every 3 months.

Collected data will be kept strictly confidential. Public transportation cost will be reimbursed.

Your general practitioner will be further on responsible for your medical care beyond the framework of this study.

Are you interested? For more information, please call the recruitment center in your city:

Zurich:  (+41) 044 366 27 41 (Mona Leuenberger)
Basel: (+41) 061 326 47 51 or  061 326 47 52 (Renate Armbruster / Sabine Geffers)
Geneve: (+41) 022 372 99 74 (Fanny Merminod)
Toulouse: (+33) 0561 77 64 70 (Agathe Guyonnet)
Innsbruck: (+43) 051 2504 80241 (Claudia Ortner)
Coimbra: (+351) 914 345 404 (Ana Pinto)
Berlin: (+49) 30 8445 41 17 (Marlies Kalbow / Heike Profittlich)


Please note that some conditions will not allow you to participate in the study: taking more than 1000 IU vitamin D per day, hemiplegia, severe kidney or liver disease, parathyroid disease, granulomatous disease (i.e. tuberculosis), epilepsy, M.Paget; or in the last 5 years: history of cancer (other than non-melanoma skin cancer), myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, stroke or transient ischemic attack.