Partner Maetzel (Natural Person, Visiting Professor, University of Zurich)

Andreas Maetzel

Partner DO-HEALTH – Health Economic Modeling

Prof. Andreas Maetzel is a physician, health economist and clinical epidemiologist and maintains an academic appointment as Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, Dept. of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation and an adjunct appointment at the Centre on Aging and Mobility, University of Zürich, Switzerland. Prof. Andreas Maetzel’s core competency is health economic analyses aiming at the integration of research & development activities. He has authored 48 articles, mainly in the field of health economics and pharmacoeconomics.

Expertise: clinical epidemiology, health economics, biostatistics, Bayesian modelling, commercial forecasting & planning, strategic pricing.


As a DO-HEALTH partner, in collaboration with the coordinating DO-HEALTH partner at the University of Zurich and supported by the industry partner Nestlé, Prof. Maetzel will use DO-HEALTH findings to develop a comprehensive disease and health economic model for vitamin D supplementation, omega-3 fatty acid supplementation, and a well defined home exercise program combining prospectively collected patient-reported resource utilization and utility data, modeling downstream endpoints on a country-specific basis. The computer model will simulate the relationship between nutritional markers and health outcomes. Other interventions can be evaluated based on the known relationships between modular variables and health outcomes. This will enable manufacturers of foods to test their assumptions before engaging in expensive outcomes studies. Extension of the scope to pharmaceutical interventions that target the senior population is also foreseeable.